L’Atelier de Laurie is located (purposely and strategically) in the heart of Manhattan’s East Village to enable its owner, Laurie Foley, to recreate an authentic version of the opulent and beautiful, yet comfortable and personal boutique style salons of eras past. Although it is comparable to the ‘Hidden Hideaways’ you might find in the fashionable neighborhoods of Paris, yesteryear, make no mistake, we are not just a neighborhood “parlor.” We work continually within the fashion industry enabling us to stay abreast of all things current, and our clients reach us from all continents of the globe.

SALON: 212-358-8900

PORTABLE: 1-646-244-3200

(for use by industry contacts only. Please note that no in-salon appointments will be taken over this line.)

E-MAIL: laurie@latelierdelaurie.com

124 East 4th street New York, NY 10003