Le Salon

As you will see, our approach to everything about L’Atelier de Laurie, from the atmosphere, or surroundings if you will, to the way we perform hair services is just a little different than what you have come to expect from other salons.

All hair services, from designing the shapes (haircuts), coming up with ideas (styles or finishes), to creating the perfect paint job (coloring services), are done in a way to only enhance the best features of each and every individual client while paying close attention to promoting the overall health and beauty of their hair.

We feel that attention to detail in every piece of artwork that is created in this atelier(studio), is what sets us apart from the rest. Sort of a “couture” (hand created,or custom made) finish is the result. This “look” quite often means others not knowing that it was created in a salon as in “el naturelle” ie: “You’re lucky you were born with hair that just falls right”, “Yours must be lightened by the sun”, or, “You are so lucky to have such shiny, rich hair”, but, it can also range as far and dramatic as a person’s personality, flair, or wishes call for.

To ensure that this approach is successfully achieved, you will be asked a few “hair history” questions during your initial phone inquiry to assess whether a consultation is needed prior to scheduling an appointment. First time haircut or styling clients will certainly be allowed enough time for a consultation during their visit, but, if asked for, a few minutes can be set aside for a visual meeting and discussion on a day prior to their appointment. Individuals desiring hair color, especially those wanting to switch to our well-known technique of hand painting, will almost always be instructed to schedule a time to look and see what course of action is needed, namely, amount of booking time, as each person and their hair history can vary widely. Please be assured with the fact, that all steps in this process are strictly geared only towards the best interests of your hair.